Let Nader and Paul Into the Presidential Debates

Watch this, it's under 10 minutes and if you haven't seen it, don't know what happened, YOU SHOULD.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyvVQYf6XWk
johnhildreth May 28, 2008

Give My Stimulus Check To The Wealthy

Reprinted from the 5/26/08 Barbara Garson article in the Los Angeles Times: Give my stimulus check to the rich Bush has favored the wealthy throughout his…
johnhildreth May 28, 2008
johnhildreth Apr 03, 2008

Quote of the Day

"There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys…
johnhildreth Apr 03, 2008


An e-zine version of the New River Valley's new community newspaper.
johnhildreth Mar 20, 2008


For multimedia developers and Web 2.0 users in general, check this out:http://a.viary.comThe front page is impressive. In addition to all the birds, can you see…
johnhildreth Feb 28, 2008

A Few Words About Global Climate De-stabilization (!)

So check this short video out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pem69jO0gOEIf you think it's worthwhile, pass it on.Ignore the title -- it has nothing to do with PhotoShop. However, I…
johnhildreth Feb 22, 2008

Keylogger Found Inside New Dell Laptop - Homeland Security Blocks FOIA Request

Make of this what you will:http://virus.org.ua/unix/keylog/klog.htmThis is not a malicious URL, 'virus' is just a cute hostname.
johnhildreth Feb 21, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup

It's time to blow this thing up. The widespread use of high fructose corn syrup is a huge problem in the United States, and most…
johnhildreth Jan 29, 2008

Story of Stuff

Check out the Story of Stuff:www.storyofstuff.comNo matter what you think about environmental preservation or consumer culture, this animated film short is worth twenty minutes of…
johnhildreth Jan 24, 2008


My flickr site.
johnhildreth Dec 24, 2007

Top 10 2007 Albums

My Top Ten Albums of 2007, in no order of preference, are:"Kill To Get Crimson" by Mark Knopfler "Sweet Warrior" by Richard Thompson "Versatile Heart"…
johnhildreth Dec 06, 2007
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